Hearing protection and preservation is just as important as any other healthcare or preventative measure. As you may already know (or maybe not) the inner ear houses our hair cells. Movement of these cells create soundwaves that are transmitted by the brain. Damage to these hair cells is irreversible and can result in a type of sensorineural (inner ear) hearing loss described as “noise-induced.” Noise-induction is not the only cause for hearing loss, some causes, like age, aren’t preventable. However, although Sensorineural hearing loss has no cure, hearing aids are one potential treatment while ear protection is a great preventative measure!

The dBA scale pictured below demonstrates some instances where hearing protection is needed.

All EarMax products have a noise reduction rating (NRR) greater than 20 dB which is perfect for most harmful sounds. However, damaging loud sounds like concerts and fireworks shouldn’t be constant and should be minimized. Anything above 85 dB, hearing protection certainly should be worn.