Hearing Aid Cleaning and Maintenance

Hearing aids are delicate instruments that are vulnerable to moisture and dirt.These sophisticated devices need regular care and maintenance in order to work effectively. We recommend that you schedule an appointment for your hearing aids to be cleaned and checked every three to six months.

Hearing aids are similar to other pieces of technology, in that they operate most properly when they are well maintained. Especially in the summer months where everything is hotter, it doesn’t take long for sweat, earwax and our body’s natural oils to build-up in the receivers or microphones of our hearing aids. This accumulation is not only dirty, it also has the potential to carry bacteria. Dirt and build-up can also muffle your hearing aids’ sound quality.

During a professional hearing aid cleaning at EarMax Hearing Center, we will use specialized tools to gently remove any accumulation of earwax, sweat, dust or debris from your hearing aids. We will ensure that all of the debris is removed safely and completely, without damaging any of the delicate interworking of your hearing aid. Our cleaning will  include cleaning of the receivers, microphones, and any tubing your hearing aid may or may not have, as well as gentle cleaning of the outer housing. 

Most of the time, hearing aid cleaning appointments are rather quick, and do not often involve the need to leave your hearing aids overnight in the clinic.

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